HEXORCISM by nicolas brulez

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Hexorcist training method explains how to reverse engineer fast and efficiently even if you have no experience thanks to exercises written by the instructor which are gradually increasing in difficulties

Students will work on Crackmes and Packers written by the instructor to learn how to solve real life problems progressively in order to gain strong reverse engineering skills, which will be later used to do malware analysis.

When applicable, students will learn how to script IDA Pro or xdbg64 to automate their tasks.
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10% Discount when purchasing IDA Pro and IDA home

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If you are like most Malware Analysts or Digital Forensics Professionals, you probably dream of reverse-engineering fast and efficiently.

The problem is when you are trying to do it, here is what happens:

  • You don’t understand where and what to look for in the code.
  • You don’t manage to analyze samples thoroughly or fast enough. You are going in every direction and get frustrated.

As a result, your analyses are incomplete and missing critical pieces of information.

I know it is not easy.
Even if you are a hard worker and spend countless hours, at the end of the day, your results are not necessarily the best.
And if I can describe that frustration to you, it's because I've also been there.

That’s why I spent the past 15 years, creating the perfect reverse engineering training method.

A simple system to Reverse Engineer Fast and Efficiently

I named that system HEXORCISM, based on exercises written to teach different problems and solutions. 

For example, I wrote my own packers to explain IAT Redirection, Nanomites, VM obfuscations and the like. And of course, how to take care of them. All those exercises make the learning process a lot more fun and actionable.

Of course, if you want to create your system of reverse engineering, go for it!

You can - as I did - spend the next 15 years of your life to reverse engineer random samples, most of the time without any interest and learning value

You can watch the training videos calmly and do the exercises I created, with EVERYTHING, you need to know to reverse-engineer malicious applications quickly and efficiently.
You don't need to waste  years  struggling in your disassembler to become a reverse engineering expert.

From now on, you can watch my courses and discover the techniques i learned and created revealed in the training program.

No useless theoretical power points. This training is a goldmine of practical techniques.

It provides you all the keys to fast and efficient malware analysis and reverse engineering. (and you know those THOROUGH investigations )

The biggest mistake people make is jumping immediately into malware reversing. You first need to build foundations and methodology before you dive into malware analysis.

Best of all? You can start using those techniques TODAY.

The first part of the method focuses on learning techniques that you will later apply in malware analysis.

The lessons are dripped on a weekly basis so students don't get overwhelmed by information.

On top of this, you get live online weekly or monthly lessons for question and answers which will be recorded and available in the training materials.

Here is a small selection of what you are going to discover

How to do static analysis  even if you have never reverse engineered before

Discover the professional reverse engineering tool IDA Pro and IDA Home, see how these tools can leverage your reverse engineer work and how to write IDA Python Scripts

The most effective methods to decrypt malware

How to pinpoint the code to reverse engineer in priority

How to write brute forcers when you are in a hurry to solve problems

My tips and tricks to reverse-engineer DGA much faster

How to script tools

How to make your own naming convention system to make your disassembly clear and concise

And much more


Who am I to teach you?

My name is Nicolas Brulez, and I am the founder of HEXORCIST.
Over the past 24 years, I have been passionate about Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis.

I researched the best way to do malware analysis fast and efficiently.

I have been teaching Reverse Engineering for 15 years at RECON, but also in private courses

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Become a Reverse Engineering Expert NOW!

This Reverse Engineering Training will show you the best tricks for malware analysis

Techniques to use within your first week of studying, even as early as TODAY.

Of course, you could take some certification programs, but it would cost you over 4000 dollars for inferior results compared to HEXORCISM Training method.

I created this program to increase your skills massively and fast. 
I was in your case, and it took me years before I had any results. 

If I had such an opportunity in the past, it would have saved me the first five years I spent losing my time and struggling in my disassembler.
If you are very motivated to learn reverse engineering and don’t want to give up as soon as malware is encrypted, packed, or even too big, then take action and become the reverser engineering you want to be

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