How to get access to the online reverse engineering courses?

The Reverse Engineering course is a monthly subscription. Only paid members can access the course which is updated regularly.

What are the difference between subscriptions

Access to a sample video to see how it looks like
Probably more videos in the future from time to time.

Access to the Training with weekly lessons added.
Access to Member Area
Monthly Online Group Lesson : Once a month, we do a live lesson / QA Session.
3% OFF on any of Physical Trainings (RECON INCLUDED)

Same as SILVER
+ Weekly Online Group Lesson : Once a week, we do a live lesson / QA session
+ MP3 of the courses included : The recording in mp3 format if anyone wants to listen to them
+ 5% OFF on Physical Trainings (RECON INCLUDED)

Same as GOLD
+ 15% OFF on Physical Trainings (RECON INCLUDED)
+ Weekly Online Coaching 1H : Once a week, a personal session done live with me

What is the course about ?

The course is about Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis.

The lessons are dripped on a weekly / daily basis , which means the students won't skip lessons and get confused.

  • The first part is the foundation to build reverse engineering skills for malware analysis using exercices written exclusively for the course.

  • The second part uses those new skills on real malware analysis : Ransomware, Reverse Engineering DGA , APTs, File Infectors, Unpacking and a lot more.

What lessons are available upon signing up

On the first day of joining, 4 videos are available.

2 lessons for beginners and 2 lessons for people who already have done reverse engineering in the past.

Beginners Section:

Lesson 1:
This video is for absolute beginners and covers:
  • How to navigate in the disassembly
  • How to get information about API functions you don't know anything about
  • How to solve a very simple challenge
  • Your first steps in IDA Pro

Lesson 2:
This video is for absolute beginners and covers:
  • How to locate interesting code section
  • How to use ENUMS
  • How to navigate through a DialogFunc
  • String Manipulation 

Section for people who already have some experience:

Lesson 1 (this is the free sample):

  • Obfuscated / hidden API CALLS
  • How to UnObfuscate calls using one IDA Pro Trick 

Lesson 2

Reversing The Algorithm

  • How to convert assembly to simple equations
  • How to use IDA Python Shell to solve equations and display calculated characters
  • How to uncover Hidden Strings

3 days after registering,  Lessons 3 and 4 will be available to the students. 

7 days after registering, the weekly lessons will start to be available to the students.

Each week (related to date of registration), new content is unlocked.