How to get access to the online reverse engineering courses?

The Reverse Engineering course is a monthly subscription. Only paid members can access the course content.

New videos are unlocked each week. 

What is the course about ?

The course is about Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis.

The lessons are dripped on a weekly / daily basis , which means the students won't skip lessons and get confused.

  • The first part is the foundation to build reverse engineering skills for malware analysis using exercices written exclusively for the course.

  • The second part uses those new skills on real malware analysis : Ransomware, Reverse Engineering DGA , APTs, File Infectors, Unpacking and a lot more.

What lessons are available upon signing up

On EACH subscription level, all the videos are available to the students, they get access to them on a weekly basis.

The first month provides 14 videos, 6 hours of content and access to exercises, the private slack where the instructor is available to answer questions

New content is added every weeks. 

For example, on your second month of subscription, you get access to the lessons of the second month which are unlocked each week.

This is a continuous learning process and this is the reason of the subscription model.

What are the difference between subscriptions


Access to the Training with weekly lessons added.
Access to Member Area
Monthly Online Group Lesson : Once a month, we do a live lesson / QA Session.
3% OFF on any of Physical Trainings (RECON INCLUDED)
10% OFF IDA PRO / IDA Home

Same as SILVER
+ Weekly Online Group Lesson : Once a week, we do a live lesson / QA session
+ 5% OFF on Physical Trainings (RECON INCLUDED)
10% OFF IDA PRO / IDA Home

Canceling and Refund Policy

Hexorcist uses Podia.com to provide the training material.

Students can cancel their subscription at anytime in their dashboard

They will keep access to the unlocked content until their subscription period is over

The content is unlocked every week.

We offer a refund within the first 7 days of their subscription. 
Students should simply cancel their subscription and contact the instructor to get their refund

After that period, no refund will be provided. 

What is the syllabus of the course?

You may found what is published currently to students here:

IDA Pro Tricks - One Video Per Week

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